Most days, you can find me chasing my 3 year old twins, building legos with my 8 year old son, loving on my dreamboat husband, and working that side hustle! 

 With a Dr. Pepper in hand, I am hard at work mentoring women & men in my 6-figure direct sales business.  I am proof that the right lipstick can literally change your life.



I am passionate about empowering others and providing them with tools to rock their own businesses. I help them build empires of their own, regardless of their color, gender, or education! I believe that everyone should have someone in their corner cheering them on to achieve their goals & pursue their dreams!



I am a total #bossbabe enthusiast, and I help all big dreamers provide an abundant life for them as well as their families. I lead one of the fastest growing teams, and would love to help you create the freedom you crave while working from home.



Join a driven team!

My team is one of the fastest growing teams within our company! YAY!


I am confident in my training methods and will give you access to my exclusive training groups, one-on-one trainings when you join me on this adventure. 

I will help you every step of the way and be there to cheer you on!

Lets build TOGETHER!